Workmanship Warranty

A. Shaw Roofing performs all roof installations to meet and in most cases exceed the material manufacturer's warranty requirements and Alberta Building Code. Because our roof system installations are performed to such a high standard of quality, we are able to offer the best workmanship warranty in Western Canada.

**15 Year Workmanship Warranty**

On all residential and commercial reroof installations

If you have any problem with your roof what so ever, simply contact us.

New Home Warranty

The Alberta New Home Warranty program requires that a 5 Year warranty must be applied to a newly constructed residence. A Shaw Roofing supersedes this requirement by offering a 7 Year Warranty on all new construction roof installations. 

Manufacturer Certified

Being Good at What We do - Provides You With Better Manufacturer's Warranties

As A. Shaw Roofing is manufacturer certified with a number of sloped roofing material manufacturers, we are able to provide extended manufacturer material warranties far beyond that of other roofing companies. 
The typical "non prorated" portion of a roofing material warranty is 15 years. In short, the manufacturer will cover most if not all costs of repairs required due to manufacturing defect for up to 15 years. After that point, the warranty becomes "prorated". You then pay a portion, and they pay a portion. The longer the materials are on your roof, they pay less and you pay more if a defect becomes apparent for the duration of the life of the materials on your roof.

Being eligible for Manufacturer Certification requires that our installers and inspectors are trained and tested annually. A 90% passing grade must be achieved on all testing to maintain the accreditation.
A. Shaw Roofing is able to provide extended manufacturer warranties of up to 50 Years or more (dependant on manufacturer) with out proration.

Of the few roofing companies that are eligible to provide these extended non prorated warranties, you are typically charged an additional $150 to $400 or more for the warranty extension.
A. Shaw Roofing provides the extended Manufacturer's Warranty on all roof renovations - At No Additional Charge.