Roofing Materials

At A. Shaw Roofing, we use only time proven materials from trusted manufacturers. If a material has not been in production and in use for at least 10 years, we will not install it. Our reputation (and your home) is important, we will not risk it with unproven materials.

There are many good roofing materials on the market today. But as we are an Alberta based company, we believe in supporting local business. Three of North America's largest roofing material manufacturers have production facilities right here in Alberta, IKO, EMCO BP and GEM Euroshield. They provide jobs to multiple hundreds if not thousands of Albertans directly or indirectly. Their materials will always be offered on our roof proposals.

All cedar materials used on cedar shake and shingle roofs is Canadian Cedar from British Columbia, old growth cedar only. Quality cedar is a time proven roofing and siding material, used for hundreds of years.  

Here is a list of the manufacturers whose materials we can install into your roof system.